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\\ 08.15.02
Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns (pc)
What do you get when you cross a Wookie with a mouse? Nothing,
they're not compatible. After that hilarious joke to get you into the Star
Wars mood, go read our review.

\\ 08.14.02
Bomberman Generation (cube)
Bomberman Generation is the first cell-shaded game for the Gamecube. That doesn't mean its not a good game. I have been looking forward to Bomberman Generation quite some time know and let me tell you something, I was not disappointed.

\\ 08.09.02
Tactic Ogre (gba)
The battle maps themselves are like three-dimensional chess boards,
complete with beautifully rendered environments, changes of weather,
and secret treasures. Some of the maps can be so full of detail,
however, that sometimes it can be difficult to clearly see an enemy or

\\ 07.24.02
WarCraft III (pc)
With WarCraft III Blizzard has managed to expand upon what worked so well in the previous two games, such as graphics, sound, game play etc, and add enough cool new game play features to keep every WarCraft player happy for a long time to come.

\\ 07.24.02
Nevewinter Nights (pc)
So, Bioware and Atari finally decide to release Neverwinter Nights after five years in production. The crowds are ecstatic and full of that emotion they call joy. But, there's the obvious steep downside, 60 bucks for it and you need a lot of memory and a decent video card; oh yeah, and free time, lots of that.

\\ 07.24.02
Fire Blade (ps2)
When an evil group of terrorists known as the UES (United Eastern States) begins plotting several dangerous attacks against the West, Fireblade is sent into action...

\\ 07.15.02
Aggressive Inline (ps2)
There was little to suggest that this title could pose serious challenge to the excellent Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series, which have been regarded as the de-facto standard in extreme sports titles. But as soon as I began playing the game, it's clear that developers Z-Axis have managed to create something special here...

\\ 07.15.02
Batman Vengeance (xbox)
All Batman gamers know that previous attempts at incorporating the huge franchise with a game that looks and feels good didn’t turn out very well. But is Ubi Soft successful at creating a Batman game that distinguishes itself from the rest? Well without giving too much of the review away at the beginning, this game is no doubt the best out of past endeavors to say the least.

+ Previews
// 08.15.02
F-Zero GC (cube)
Sega's Amusement Vision are working on this one alongside
Nintendo, what's it gonna be like? Well, unless they've got a surprise up
their coats (and they will), it's looking like the original all over again... YES!.

// 08.13.02
Big Mutha Truckers (ps2)
Dopewars, meet Crazy Taxi and GTA3. That's what Big Mutha
Truckers is like, all three mixed together in a pot of hick gooey... stuff. This could be the most entertaining game of the year, bar none.

// 08.09.02
Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball (xbox)
Fans of the Dead or Alive fighting games have always appreciated the beauty of the female form. With this game, we are giving fans what they have been asking for all along - the ability to admire gorgeous ladies at play... more specifically, as they jump and dive after a volleyball.

// 07.24.02
Die Hard: Vendetta (cube)
John McClane is back for another round in the latest game based on the Die Hard movies, and this time his daughter is along with him for the ride. Late this year, Bits Studio and Fox Interactive will be adding to the fledgeling FPS library of the Gamecube with Die Hard: Vendetta...

// 07.24.02
Enclave (xbox)
Through its sheer beauty, fascinating storyline and convincing gameplay Enclave will lastingly embed the players in its gloomy, medieval-fantasy scenario. Take the side of light or dark on the battlefields of the Outlands, as you prepare for imenent war in the fantasy world of Enclave.

// 07.24.02
Panzer Dragoon Orta (xbox)
Not the most widely-known game series ever, but most certainly
one of the most respected. This is going to be one brilliant, brilliant
game and we had to preview it,m it's the very least it deserves for now.

// 07.15.02
Kingdom Hearts (ps2)
One of the shocking aspects of the game is that there are some really dark parts to it, despite the Disney worlds. To explain, I will tell you the story line of Kingdom Hearts...

// 07.15.02
Ape Escape2 (ps2)
Sony Computer Entertainment is delighted to announce the forthcoming release on PlayStation®2 of Ape Escape 2, the sequel to the smash hit 3D platform game that sold more than 1.4 million copies worldwide.

// 07.10.02
Deus EX 2 (xbox)
The plot for the original was intricate and it mingled with the idea of an RPG FPS perfectly, giving enough plot twists and events to put Final Fantasy to shame. Deus EX was set in the near future and a government conspiracy involving nanotechnology and bio terrorism...

+ vgamin Times
\\ 07.15.02
Optimum Assassins: Exclusive First Look

\\ 07.06.02
Leaving the console

ELSPA interview

\\ 07.06.02
Video: New! Xbox Live Movie

Article: Optimum Assassins : Exclusive First Look

\\ 06.27.02
News: The Micro Machines are Back!

\\ 06.24.02
Article/Review: Afterburner Gameboy Advance internal lighting kit

\\ 06.20.02
Interview: Barbarian Developer Interview

\\ 06.18.02
Screen shots: Racing Evoluzione (XBOX)

\\ 06.14.02
Screen shots: NFL Blitz 2002 (NEXT-GEN)

Screen shots: Lotus Challenge (XBOX)

Screen shots: Dark System (GBA)

\\ 06.13.02
Article: Gran Turismo Concept 2002 Tokyo-Geneva (euro)

News: Dino Crisis 3 Announced for Xbox

\\ 06.11.02
Screen shots: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (GCN)

Screen shots: James Bond 007 NightFire (PS2)

Screen shots: Aggressive Inline (XBOX)

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